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Thrive – The Employee Engagement System

Thrive the system was developed by Emma Barugh (MBHR). Thrive allows organisations with more than a handful of people to see quickly and easily how individual relationships combine and culminate at an organisational level, directorate level, function level and/or team level. This allows the leadership and management team to spot trends and patterns and respond to these positively but most importantly proactively to improve the working relationships and environment; boosting performance, maximising potential and engaging people in the organisation’s success.

Why Thrive? What makes us different

Unlike other employee engagement systems, ‘Thrive’ also factors in the six HSE stress management standards (Role, Relationships, Change, Demands, Support and Control) and has equal focus on employee health and wellbeing, which when neglected will undermine an employee’s ability and motivation to perform.

Thrive will provide the insights to drive proactive leadership and management actions and activities (primary interventions) that improve relationships, better engage your people, reduce stress and therefore boost performance, maximise potential and engage your people in success.

How We Can Best Help You – Our Products and Services

Full Engagement Survey

Based on Paul McGee’s seven key engagement factors (the 7 Cs), the survey will ask each employee 60 questions (quantitative on a scale of 1 to 10) to establish how engaged they are and therefore how likely they are to thrive in their current role and perform at their best and deliver the best results for your organisation. Our surveys are simple and accessible: Easy to follow, easy to understand and, easy to interpret (at a glance and in detail). Taking less than 10 minutes to complete, our surveys ask enough questions to provide meaningful analytics and the opportunity (optional free text questions) for individuals to provide suggestions for improvements in the future. System setup is easy. However, if you would prefer, we will happily do your system setup for you.

Bespoke Survey Questions

The survey is customisable to suit your organisation’s priorities. Therefore, you can add additional key questions that you would like included in the survey and these will also be answered by each of your people.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys are mini surveys that ask just 11 questions. These are designed to provide more regular insights from your employees to identify whether any actions or activities arising out of the main survey are having the desired positive affect.


Expert insights, facilitation and action planning. The results of the survey provide information and insights into your people’s thinking and feelings about working for you and your organisation. What you do with the survey results next is crucial. Our Consultant’s and associates are experts in employee engagement, analytics and action planning. Therefore, if you would like some independent facilitation to identify your next steps, this is available at various levels. You can engage your local associate, MBHR Consultants or Paul McGee, The SUMO Guy. You may identify that some additional leadership development or culture change is necessary. Talk to us, and we shall discuss your full requirements and identify a programme of support to meet your immediate and long term needs.

A happy workforce is a healthy workforce led by proactive teams.

The first step to understanding this is by analysing trends and driving proactive leadership, with the end game of improving fulfilment and happiness at work and of course performance. This is where Thrive excels.

Kimberley Collin, HR Manager - Stockton Riverside College

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