The employee engagement model

What’s The Big Deal With Employee Engagement?

Do you want to survive or do you want your business/organisation to thrive? We are not the first to quote: People come first! Look after your people, your people look after your product or services and your performance will look after itself. Evidence has been telling us this for years: Hay Group in their publication Engage Employees and Boost Performance 2001 conclude that engaged employees generate 43% more revenue than disengaged ones.

Corporate Leadership Council reported that engaged organisations grew profits as much as three times faster than their competitors. They report that highly engaged organisations have the potential to reduce their staff turnover by 87% and improve performance by 20%. Watson Wyatt conducted a study of 115 companies suggested that a company with highly engaged employees achieves a financial performance four times greater than companies with poor engagement. They reported in 2008/9 that the highly engaged are more than twice as likely to be top performers – almost 60% of them exceed or far exceed expectations for performance. More over the highly engaged missed 43% fewer days of work due to illness.

Thrive – The Employee Engagement Model

Thrive the model was developed by Paul McGee (The SUMO Guy) as a conversational model between employee and manager. It is simple and accessible for all. You can see at a glance how likely an individual is to thrive within their role and easily focus on the areas that require additional support, clarity or investment. The model is based on Paul McGee’s 7 C’s (drivers of employee engagement and thriving performance)

Clarity, Competence, Confidence, Comfortable, Challenge, Cared for & Control


A happy workforce is a healthy workforce led by proactive teams.

The first step to understanding this is by analysing trends and driving proactive leadership, with the end game of improving fulfilment and happiness at work and of course performance. This is where Thrive excels.

Kimberley Collin, HR Manager - Stockton Riverside College

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